Thinking about selling? It is never too early to start getting ready.....

Thinking about selling? It is never too early to start getting ready.....

  • Debby Belt
  • 01/5/23

Whether you plan to move tomorrow or in a few years, it is never too early to get your house ready to sell. 


  1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter - Buyers may pass on a great house because they were distracted by all of clutter. Get in the habit of donating and disposing items you no longer use to make the process less daunting when you are ready to sell. Pro Tip - Get rid of anything you have not used in more than a year that does not hold sentimental value
  2. You’re making a list and checking it (more than) twice - Make a list (with dates) of all the improvements you’ve made to your home. It is good practice to update your master list as you improve your house. 
  3. Take good care of your house, it is likely one of your biggest assets - 


    • Clean your gutters at least twice a year  
    • Hire pest control to inspect your home and mitigate issues 
    • Inspect for and treat mold 
    • Service your systems annually (e.g., Air conditioning, heat, etc.)
    • Paint over any cracks or chips in the wall 
    • Check that your smoke detectors comply with local and state regulations


  1. Close Open Permits -Arrange to close out any open permits you have on your house . It is the responsibility of the contractor to open and close work permits on your behalf. Unfortunately, many contractors finish a job without closing the permits.


Reach out if you are thinking of selling your house in the near or far future. I offer complimentary home walk-throughs and will customize a plan for you and will provide you with my  list of vetted resources to help prepare your home.  

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