And on that farm there was a pig

And on that farm there was a pig

  • Debby Belt
  • 03/4/23

A few years ago, I was showing prospective buyers around Brookline’s most coveted estates. The clients were particularly interested in one home - exquisite landscaping, charming and classic New England architecture yet beautifully updated and maintained. A buyer’s dream! The selling agent warned me a few times that the owner’s had a very smelly dog but as the owner of an occasionally smelly pup myself, I didn’t even think to question it. 

We get to the house, and there’s no sign of the dog anywhere! No dog to greet us at the door, but a stinky odor and the feint sound of oinks did welcome us. As we approach the kitchen, we finally find the ‘stinky dog,’ which in reality was a stinky, albeit cute, pig. While the house was definitely no sty, let’s just say the buyer’s didn’t want the farm.


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